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Nov 1, 2017

Cardiosteroil Krill presented in softgels of red color.


Hello Guys,


Cardiosteroil Krill was launched on the market to complete Cardiosteroil SLO with shark liver oil, and Cardiosteroil Aglio-Co.Q10. Cardiosteroil Krill, which contains astaxanthin, is primarily indicated for patients who suffer not only from cholesterol but also from high blood pressure. Cardiosteroil SLO is indicated for patients with cholesterol problems. Cardiosteroil Garlic-Co.Q10 is indicated for those patients who need to strengthen their heart. Statins inhibit the synthetic coenzyme Q10 process, and because CoQ10 is so important for the heart, the administration of Cardiosteroil Aglio-CoQ10 becomes important for the patient taking the statins. Case Study Sample are used to help you see how the past projects and scenarios were addressed to showing how their solution can add value to your business. Cardiosteroil Krill, a new product, is a Krill concentrate and Omega 3.6.9 fatty acids, which are micro-encapsulated in a softgel for better stability. Eicosapetenoic acids (EPAs) and docosahexenic acids (DXA) help regulate lipid metabolism. The red color of the gel is that of astaxanthin, which is very effective in synergy with Omega 3-6-9.



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  • breckjensen90
    Nov 10, 2017

    Hello Guys, For heart health, the central organ of our body, regulator of most body functions, today we propose the product Cardiosteroil Garlic Co.Q10 Liquides Capsules. Liquid garlic, the main component of this product and Co.Q10, are important elements for the health of it, through which we can monitor and regulate blood pH, reduce Ldl cholesterol oxidation and strengthen the immune system. Infographic Animation are created by combining various animations to create an informational video that helps explain data in an engaging way. Assuming Cardiosteroil Garlic Co.Q10 in Liquid Capsules we could take advantage of all the beneficial properties this product offers to the body, contained in an innovative liquid capsule that, unlike the normal tablets we are used to taking daily, will allow immediate and complete assimilation of active ingredients and components. The acid-base balance is one of the most important equilibria for man's life. Thanks
  • breckjensen90
    Nov 9, 2017

    “Ever heard the stereotype of body builders eating bowl after bowl of cottage cheese? There’s a good reason for that,” White says. A half-cup of cottage cheese contains 15 grams of filling, muscle-building protein. Also, in a 2014 BJM Open study of 612 cheeses, it was found to be the lowest-sodium variety. As a rule of thumb, cheeses that are soft and less aged tend to be low in sodium. For More Details best explainer videos
  • breckjensen90
    Nov 9, 2017

    Like you needed an excuse to never eat singles again: Many of the “cheeses” in your dairy aisle aren’t even technically cheese. Check the label. You’ll probably either read “pasteurized process cheese,” which, phew, means it’s 100 percent cheese; “pasteurized process cheese food,” which means it is at least 51 percent cheese; or “pasteurized process cheese product,” which means it is less than 51 percent cheese, White explains. The rest? Often emulsifiers, vegetable oils, and additives that earn processed foods their generally horrible health rap. For More Details example case study