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5 Ways to Keep Grandkids Entertained and Engaged While Making Priceless Memories

Spending time with grandkids is one of the great joys of getting older, but do you ever run out of ideas for keeping them entertained? Kids get bored easily doing the same things all the time, and yet, you also have to find activities that are safe for kids and yourself. These engaging activities deliver on fun for everyone without sacrificing safety.

Cook Together

Cooking with kids is an amazing bonding activity. Making something from start to finish that you can then enjoy eating together teaches kids patience, with a rewarding outcome. Share recipes from your childhood or try something new together. Time in the kitchen is special for many families, and you will make wonderful memories when you teach grandkids to cook. Part of teaching kids to cook means teaching safe kitchen practices too, which are important life skills that you can pass on. If you’re still nervous about using the oven with kids, try some no-bake recipes that are simple enough for even small children to help with.

Whip Up Some Kitchen Science

Cooking isn’t the only activity you can do together in the kitchen. Kids love hands-on activities, and doing something educational is a bonus. According to Today Parenting, parents (and grandparents) can play a key role in boosting kids’ science education, which helps develop problem-solving skills. Try fun experiments from EarthScienceJr., like making homemade puffy paint or a glass of lava. These science experiments are good, messy fun, and at the end, you can help kids understand why and how they work. Plus, after making puffy paint, you have another activity ready to go—putting that paint to use by creating new artwork!

Try a Hobby Together

Whether it’s a hobby you already have or you try something new together, hobbies give you a goal to work toward and the sense of joy from accomplishing something. Woodworking is a hobby that’s ideal for all ages, but with sharp tools involved, it does require close supervision. Let the grandkids pick a simple introductory project that they will enjoy, and when you work on it over time, they will learn skills to branch out and eventually take on more complicated projects.

Explore the Outdoors

When the weather is nice, go outdoors and find new ways to explore. Take the grandkids to a local park or find a walking trail that isn’t too strenuous for you and the kids to hike safely. You can also explore the outdoors in your own backyard. Set up a scavenger hunt by giving kids a list of certain things to find. There are endless possibilities, like having them hunt only for things in their favorite color or a certain shape. In the warmer months, kids love to have fun in water, but swimming can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t sure about your ability to help if they ever struggle in the water. For safer water fun, see if your community has a splash pad, or set up a sprinkler in your yard.

Have a Game Night (or Day)

Playing games makes everyone feel a kid, no matter their age. The Spruce recommends old-fashioned card games, which have brain benefits for you and the kids both as you use memorization, logic, and concentration. Make game night a combination of old and new. Pull out some classic board games like Monopoly and let the grandkids bring some of their new favorites, too. Game night doesn’t have to be limited to cards and board games, though. Introduce grandkids to classics like Cat’s Cradle or marbles. Kids may be used to playing video games, but it’s good for everyone to disconnect sometimes, and these low-tech classics have timeless appeal. When you spend time with grandkids, you want to make sure they stay entertained, but you also want to make special memories. As a grandparent, you have the opportunity to teach them new skills and make a lasting impression in ways other caregivers can’t. Use these ideas to truly engage your grandkids and make the most of your time together.

*This post is thanks to a lovely lady who will be a guest poster here on our site! She is raising her grandchildren and kicking butt doing it! Please check her out, pick her brain or give her a shout out for her amazing spirit!

Photo credit: Pixabay

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