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Brace Yourselves... Membership is Coming!

Happy Spring!

It really feels like we skipped passed Spring and landed in a tug of war match for summer. Despite the chilly start, we are ready for warmer weather, sunshine and lots of play.

This summer is a huge milestone for Sarah and I and Up North Wellness and Massage. July 10th marks our 5th birthday!! (Insert balloons, streamers and one of those annoying party blowers here!) It seems hard to believe that 5 years has passed since we stepped out on our own with a dream and our tables.

There have been plenty of stumbling blocks along the way and we would not be where we are today with out all of your support. Our growth has been amazing, and it all has been word of mouth, which for us is probably the most unbelievable part of this journey!

Sarah and I are always looking for better ways to help serve you and facilitate your healing journey through expanding our skills and offerings. As we embark on the next part of our adventure into healing and wellness, we hope to add more options for service, more therapists, new products and hopefully soon, a new room!

As we continue to grow and move forward, so to do the needs of our business. Sarah and I have spent a lot of time looking at how best to move forward and we have decided to adopt a membership model for our regular clients. This should allow for us to offer some great benefits as well as give us an opportunity to address some unique options in our business. It will also allow us to add new services and options a little easier in the future.

What does this mean for you?

Starting July 1st, 2022, we will be raising our straight prices to $50 for 30 minutes, $100 for 60 minutes and $150 for 90 minutes.

We will be offering 2 Tiers for membership that will encompass the 30, 60 and 90 minute massage options. These memberships will renew at the first of the month, every month that you are a member.

Tier 1 will be for one massage a month at $45 for 30 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes and $135 for 90 minutes.

Tier 2 will be for two massages a month at $43 for 30 minutes, $85 for 60 minutes and $126 for 90 minutes.

If you are currently a Bear River Chiropractic Patient, there will be a continuation of that partnership with benefits. Please ask if you have any questions about what these changes will mean for you.

There are added benefits to the membership as well. Included in each membership:

  • Any additional massages in a month will be at tier pricing and gift cards purchased will also be at tier pricing.

  • Members will receive 10% off all in store purchases of products

  • Any unused massages in a month will rollover.

  • Earn reward points towards free and discounted massages, services and products simply by showing up and referring your friends, family, coworkers or even random people on the street.

  • You can cancel a membership anytime…no fees or penalties.

As we continue to grow and expand, so to will the member benefits. We know that this will be an interesting change, but we truly feel that this will allow us to better serve every one of you in a more streamlined way. It will also foster our continuing journey into the wellness business we have always dreamed of providing our community!


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